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Purging Tumblr Problems 101 

Hello, dash! :D I have been seeing a lot of people I like infected with weird Tumblr bugs  lately (posts coming up without your consent, weird popups on your blog, etc), so here is a post covering some of the basic stuff to do that will get rid of a lot of the more uncomplicated ones. 

NOTE: I am not any sort of expert. This really is just the basic, first-wave defense sorta stuff that it can’t hurt to try. Anything complex enough to survive these steps will probably need more help than I can offer. Cool? Cool. Anyway…

  1. Make sure to delete any spam posts as soon as they come up on your dash. This may not solve your problem, but it will prevent others from getting it. Prevention is good!
  2. Once that’s done, go ahead and change your password just to make sure you’re the only one with access to your account. It wouldn’t hurt to change the password of whatever email account you use to connect with Tumblr, either. If you want to, you can go as far as changing the email you use to communicate with Tumblr entirely. (You can change both your email and your password in your settings; it’s the sprocket icon at the top-right.)
  3. Clear your browser cookies. Can’t hurt. If you’re not sure how, Google it! Google is your friend.
  4. Look over your list of followed blogs and unfollow any that look suspicious—blogs you don’t remember following, blogs with long strings of letters and numbers for their url, anything like that. For good measure, you might also want to block them.
  5. Go to your apps list, and revoke access to anything you don’t recognize or remember giving access to. (It might also be that the source of your problem is at another legitimate site that is somehow connected to your Tumblr account; if you suspect that’s the case, revoke access to that too. If it’s a legitimate program, you can always restore the access once your account is secure!) If you want to be exceptionally thorough, you can revoke access to everything and start with a blank slate.
  6. In case the spam posts are coming via the email posting method, go into the individual settings for each blog that’s having an issue (though it couldn’t hurt to do it for all of them), scroll down a bit until you find “post by email” and then reset it (there should be a little button off to the right). To be safe, you can also (temporarily, if you like) disable access to/from Facebook and Twitter in this tab.
  7. If your problem is still not fixed, you can try changing your theme (I know, I know) as a last resort; sometimes bugs or hacks will alter the html. I DON’T RECOMMEND THIS, BUT: If you are especially attached to your theme and are good with coding or know someone who is, you can go to “edit html” and copy what you see there, save it to a .txt file, and comb over it at your leisure once your account is secure to find the bad code. (Don’t be surprised if you paste it back in and the problem returns, though.)
  8. Finally, if you still have a problem, you may want to check the “tumblr virus” or “tumblr hack”  and similar tags to see if a smarter user than I has come up with a solution. (I suppose you could always try contacting the Tumblr staff too, but they are not always super helpful, especially if you use Missing E.) If not, the issue may be with your computer and not your account, and at that point, I’d just turn to Google. 
Important links:

Always try to signal boost warnings about bugs and their solutions if you can. Like I said, prevention is good, knowledge is power, etc. If you see a link that offers you something (money, samples, followers, etc) maybe Google it or check out the source before you click. Most importantly, don’t beat yourself up! I promise, it happens to everybody at some point. The important thing is getting rid of it!

I hope this helps. BEST OF LUCK! <3

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