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hello ouo

i recently got into clothes making for acnl and these are the clothes that i made!!

they are not all fantastic (i like anju’s dress much better than the white mage robes) but i literally made all of them in like an eight hour period, sooooo 

we have young malon’s/romani’s dress, anju’s dress, white mage robes, princess sarah’s dress from ff1 (i was looking for something easy…), starman and n64 logo tank tops, a rainbow dress and a recolor of it to look like the night sky :3

BUT YEAH nothing special but enjoy anyway :’D 

eta: oh no i forgot to put the belt on the back of whm’s robe and i put the fullmoon dress images in the wrong order /o\ check back later these things will be fixed!!

eta #2: if you wanna request like alterations to these or MORE CLOTHES or something go right ahead! no promises, but i’m having a blast with this, it is fun and i want to make all the things :DDD

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