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thegeminisage replied to your post: ok but i really like teen wolf because…

how do you feel about derek/chris because I have yet to find someone with deep feelings on that matter

HMMMMMMMMMMMM i’m not sure how i feel yet about derek/chris it seems like most of their interaction is them trying to kill one another???

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(apologies in advance for this ship manifesto)

oh, man, i started shipping these dudes before allison died so the whole mourning their lost families is just a bonus

but like

when i started shipping them was when the nogitsune!fly!derek tried to kill chris, right, because the desperation in his voice when he goes you’re NOT my ally, you’re NOT, you’re a hunter! (ha ha and chris afterwards, with the gun on him, all i don’t wanna kill you derek, don’t make me, please don’t make me, it’s straight out of the winter soldier helicarrier fight)

but like it’s like derek’s trying so hard to remember that when he WANTS TO THINK OTHERWISE and something kind of clicked in my brain and won’t go away

and when you go back and look at it, they have done so much to and for each other directly and indirectly, like

kate burned the hale house, but then chris didn’t stop her, didn’t know about it, didn’t even look into the rumors he seemed so irritated with. later didn’t even believe she did it. but WHEN HE DID he TRACKED HER DOWN because he knew that was definitely Wrong. like, it broke the code, which is why he didn’t feel as conflicted as he could have trying to set it right, but even without that it was Wrong, and he knew that

and derek bit victoria, but victoria was trying to kill a teenage boy. a teenage WEREWOLF boy, one chris had held a gun to himself, but he hadn’t killed anyone, and that broke the code. and victoria later chose to kill herself, something chris realizes later was not the right choice?

and i think his slow realization that the code = the Right Thing is really cool, and something he grapples with a lot, and derek is there for so much of that. like, you see chris shooting at derek and smashing his car windows and allowing erica and boyd to be kept prisoner in his basement and shit, but then you also see him saving scott, SAVING JACKSON in a sense in season 2 even when he knew jackson was the kanima (and let’s not forget derek was ready to kill lydia on SUSPICION of her being the kanima, whether she knew she was or not, like they have both fought with right and wrong and when it’s ok to blur that line, especially when your actions are motivated by grief)

and now, yes, they have both lost their entire families, ahnd in some ways they had a hand in doing that to each other

what’s left of their respective families are EVIL PEOPLE (peter, kate, gerard) who have also had a hand in it (peter killed laura, gerard encouraged victoria’s suicide)

and still both of them very much want to do the Right Thing

(let’s also not forget derek saving chris’s life at great personal risk/pain at the police station when he said he wouldn’t, something i headcanon as part natural urge to protect people around him but also part apology for victoria)

and ugh i just wanna see them working together against kate and dealing with derek’s trust issues and chris’s loneliness and grief and comparing chris’s situation now to derek’s back then oh my god teen wolf GIVE ME THIS (they won’t but i want it)

(ok and as a side note i am majorly squicked by age differences, but tbh nobody seems to know how old derek is including actual canon and if fics/headcanons can age him down for sterek i can age him up for this ship. i am also perfectly happy to see them as a brotp too, but just, UGH, their relationship fascinates me and nOBODY GETS IT ok ok sorry for going ship manifesto on you i’m done i’m done)

sadly the only good fic of these dudes i have found so far is this short series of codas which definitely veers more over to brotp and this fic which does not but i enjoy them both!! i actually haven’t looked very hard for fic since these eps aired so hopefully there is more goodness out there now ;A;

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omG??? i’ve done the cup thing correctly multiple times!!!?? W O W WHAT A GOOD


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omg yes this works again FINALLY

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omg yes this works again FINALLY

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1. If money was not an object, where and how would you live in the world? Give me details, not just a location.

I would pay off all my debt, all my mom’s debt, all my brother’s debt, and all my friends’ debt. Then I would get a nice big apartment (an entire top floor) in a very populated city (I loved NYC, but I bet California weather is better, and I’ve always wanted to live in Florida, but my friends’ locations would be a huge factor, so who knows!!) with high speed internet and build a cat enclosure on the roof. I would pay to have my childhood home professionally cleaned, and I would repair all the stuff that’s still broken from when Mom was married, and make sure my brother had a nice secure place to live. I would rebuild my grandpa’s house for him to live comfortably in for the rest of his life. I would buy Angela the arthritis medicine she needs so she wouldn’t have to be so sore all the time and send my mom to a professional doctor to get help for her health and I’d make sure she’d never have to work again. I would put as many charity programs in place as I could, especially in the southern states. Then I would hire a top-knotch catsitter and take trips EVERYWHERE—to see my friends, and Alaska, and I would start filling out every single thing on my bucket list

2. What is your favorite piece of clothing? (bonus points for putting up a picture)

the first thing that comes to mind is the first t-shirt I ever tye-dyed, in Art Club…it has too many holes to wear without something under it now, but Art Club was the only thing worth going to school for

3. What was your childhood irrational fear?

that every time someone left that would be the last time I saw them before they had some horrible accident and died (my anxiety started early) (i have not grown out of this)

4. What’s the most comfortable lounging position for you?

curled up on my side holding a cat or pillow while I play with my phone ouo

5. What day of the week were you born?

my brother and I were both born on a Wednesday :3

6. What’s a guaranteed way to make you laugh until your sides hurt?

DARK WAVE KAIN HERE IT COMES (see: my icon, which is perfect for me because it is also pink)

7. Have you ever snuck food into the movie theater?  What’d you take?

I don’t think I’ve ever NOT snuck food into a movie theater.??? I’ve taken entire meals in before. Like, we’d put entire lunchboxes or fast food sacks in our bags, and eat during our movie. Like hell am I gonna pay movie food prices sdkfhdgj

8. When was the last time you were genuinely surprised?

When Roxana said she was gonna watch SPN. No wait actually when she said she was gonna offer commissions!!! STILL WAITING BTW

9. What’s the craziest thing you’ve done lately?

I left the house at an ungodly hour to go look at meteors.

10. What’s the most embarrassing thing you own?

A stuffed animal my terrible terrible ex gave me for Valentine’s Day one year. I carried it in my purse during high school to remind myself that someone who loved me was waiting for me at home when the day ended. Except…hahahahaha not there was just more terribleness waiting usually. I have zero affection left for him, but I just can’t bring myself to throw it away. :| So it’s laying in a corner somewhere.

11. Have you ever finished a huge chapter book in one day without stopping?

Oh yeah. I read Deathly Hallows in two sittings. I DEVOUR large chapters.


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hey torrey

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When I was in Florida last week I saw a car shaped like a banana. This is every picture I could get of it. 

is that Florida Man

I love that he’s waving at people. He is totally owning it.


torrey LOOK

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forever celebrating my friendships that formed because of that samulet story

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liz <3s:

liz <3s:

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actually i couldnt get it to work properly so i just screencapped my results but

some of it makes no sense, i only have 17k posts on my blog?

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