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petition for the 3rd Cap movie to finally end well for Bucky

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AHHHH I LOVE THIS SCENE. LOVE. Because Steve is just so lovable, Natasha is so amazing and we could probably count with one hand all the times Natasha Romanoff would be caught in public, standing on her tiptoes to kiss someone on the cheek. <3

It’s clear that she adores Steve and just wants him to be happy. He is still so lost in so many ways, but it’s these displays of love and kindness that keep him going. Sometimes Natasha underestimates herself too much in her own capacity for goodness and to care for other people. And I’m so very glad how this movie doesn’t let up on the fact that Natasha has such a good heart, and her friendship with Steve is a most wonderful way of showing that.

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#nat just goes about caring about people in a quiet and understated way  #like her little sidequest to get steve to date  #it was about her wanting him to be happy and have good things in his life and connecting to the world that he feels so lost in  #she probably disregards it as any points in her column because it’s not exactly wiping red out of her ledger  #but it still says a lot about her  #in some ways more than any death defying stunt to save the world ever could (via twistdmentality)

You know, I just can’t get over that scene after Hydra took them away to be executed, and Natasha Romanoff, literally bleeding to certain death with each second — still fights through her own pain to reach out to a shell-shocked Steve, and reassure him that it’s not his fault. 

How many times Natasha would have done this already? Taking care of people and telling them that they’re going to be okay and she’s there for them, despite herself already bleeding out and deeply hurt as well? In the Avengers, she never stops appealing to Bruce even as he’s losing himself to the literal monster inside him, swearing on her life to save his. She refuses to let Erik blame himself for falling under Loki’s spell. She takes up the call to take down Clint when nobody could, broken leg and all. 

And this — this is the most important part. Because what Natasha had to do to Clint, is exactly what Steve had to do to Bucky, in order to stop them from bring further harm to other people. Don’t think for a moment that it wouldn’t hurt Natasha to hit and batter away at Clint like that. He’s to Natasha, like how Bucky is to Steve. And then when Clint comes back and remembers what he has done when he was brainwashed, again, Natasha allows absolutely no room for him to even think that he was responsible in any way.

There’s a quiet kindness to Natasha that can be so easily overlooked, because she’s so deeply buried in all the mazes of her past and identities and circumstances — and yet this is her, something of her that has always been there, undisputable and just as genuine as the people she thinks she owes herself to.

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Disney is celebrating throwback week right now, and you need to see how hard they threw down. 





This is horrifying yet amazing.

daaaaaaaamn son!

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She looked perfectly into the camera


She looked perfectly into the camera

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pARISA ffff i need those tags for accuracy help me

he does that wince-frown two other times in the movie; later in this same scene

and earlier in the film, during the conversation with Pierce in the bank vault. Yeah. That frown he does after he goes “but I knew him”.

That expression was 100% Bucky Barnes.

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When boredom strikes, cut the crease!

Another look I created using the Take Me To Brazil palette by BH Cosmetics!


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look at this poorly designed web page from 2001 with a ton of angry emails and chat logs from nerds who were really really REALLY pissed off at the fact that in the legend of zelda: ocarina of time if you adjust the camera and look through a window in hyrule castle you can see some paintings of mario characters as an easter egg

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YAHOO: “What’s the first movie that you remember seeing?”

BRIT MARLING: “The Princess Bride. I was so young, I don’t even remember [how old]. But my sister and I had matching posters above our beds. Like, we couldn’t just have one, we each had to have one. This was when we were really little, still sharing a room because we were both afraid of the dark at night, and we had twin beds next to each other with matching Princess Bride posters over the bed.

Still, if you watch that movie now, you’re, like, ‘This is a damn masterpiece’… And she, of all the princess characters I’ve ever seen, is the most strong-willed and self-possessed. I mean, mostly because of Robin Wright, who’s a fantastic actress, really moving.”

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matt cohen and gil mckinney do the als challenge at vancon [x]

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bucky barnes x social media (collab with hyemi)

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Hugh Jackman and the “Pan” cast in the epic Ice Bucket Challenge video

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i literally cant get over this 

I literally can’t get over this either. I mean, it’s Paul Rudd!



i literally cant get over this 

I literally can’t get over this either. I mean, it’s Paul Rudd!

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one day steve comes home and bucky is wrapped up in a blanket on the couch looking heartbroken

"is that—"

"shut up, steve"

"are those puppies. are you crying"


steve ends up hugging bucky while bucky babbles about how one of the puppies was born too small, and she wasn’t breathing, but she turned out ok, and she became a seeing eye dog, that’s so amazing, steve, it would make anyone emotional. and steve is like “shhh i know, it’s ok”

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monumentoursetlist asked,
I work at my university's bookstore and every semester one of the professors teaches 'Fight Club' and it's so exciting to see boxes of it come in and rather disappointed to see people return their rented copied or sell them back. Once I returned a copy and the student wrote the synopsis of each chapter under the heading and I freaked out. My manager said it was in otherwise fine condition so we couldn't charge her but what spoilers. How do you feel about your work being taught ?



That fact that ‘Fight Club’ is being taught seems — to me — to underscore the dearth of novels that explore male issues.  The past years have given us so many books, from ‘The Color Purple’ to ‘The Joy Luck Club’ to ‘How to Make an American Quilt,’ which depict women in groups and relationship, but almost no books depicting social models for men.  That’s my two cents worth.

i am sitting here SCREAMING with laughter 

what world do you live in chuck palahniuk

and how can i live in this world with a dearth of novels that explore male issues

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