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Anonymous asked,
did bucky and natasha ever do the do when hey were both soviet spies



(Captain America and Bucky #624)


(Captain America, vol. 5 #27)

I dunno. Probably.

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no thank you




no thank you


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i just found a cam version of the winter soldier where the person filming DROPPED THE CAMERA

a moment of silence for those brave souls who film things in theaters so i don’t have to because i would absolutely do that

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rubato asked,
HI :D :D :D

1. First impression: idr the circumstances exactly but i do remember i was intimidated as fuck. YOU’RE SMART AND CHARMING. it was terrifying. /typical liz
2. Truth is: i go :D when you IM me
3. How old do you look: i’m sorry but like 22. yoU LOOK REALLY YOUNG OK
4. Have you ever made me laugh: so many times :’D
5. Have you ever made me mad: not once!!
6. Best feature: you’re rly understanding of my lack of social graces ;A; you’re actually pretty understanding of most things, and that’s radical.
7. You’re my: partner in cat adoration and anxiety issues hahahahaha <3
8. Name in my phone: HELENA MIAOTIAO MINT (lemme know if you want me to change it!!)
9. Should you post this too? ofc :D

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yeah, medication with side effects is another story. my depression meds make my hands shake to the point of dysfunction sometimes, and as much as I hate being depressed idk that I’d wanna stay on them forever either. pros & cons, sigh

yeah and I’m wondering if at least one of my meds is causing anxiety too, because I know it can be a side effect to medications? but yeah I really don’t know if I want to stay on my sleep medication my whole life, and I don’t know if I want to stay on antidepressants and stuff, like, I don’t know if weaning off them would be a good idea or if it’d make things immensely worse…

generally i think staying on meds for is better for you if you need them so long as what you’re taking them for isn’t worse than the side effects? like, not being on meds FOR THE SAKE of not being on meds kind of comes from the stigma around mental health issues and being on medication…it might feel less like dependency if it was a medication to manage a physical condition, like if you took meds to manage acid reflux. (i do that too! thankfully no horrible side effects from that one.) meds are usually a good thing that keep your brain working and the quality of your life higher, it’s only when the side effects are causing you real stress or loss of quality of life that it becomes an issue. also i can say from experience that coming down off of depression meds is HORRIBLE (tho granted i did stop mine cold turkey). not because they’re addictive so much as you’re used to your brain functioning and suddenly you lose that function, and you feel yourself sliding down, and in my case there was nothing i could do because we simply couldn’t afford more pills. i don’t think it would be much better attempting it gradually. also finding the right dosage of meds that works perfectly for you is an art more than a science, and it’s often expensive and i involves lots of doc’s visits (which is why i haven’t found my own perfect dose). so even if they’re not 100% working doesn’t mean they CAN’T, just that you maybe haven’t found the right combo yet.

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rubato asked,
associations: cambionverse, pink, cats, brit marling, garrett hedlund, that dude who plays ben whose name I forgot (yes that's six but oH WELL)

omg bless <3

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My Tumblr Crushes:

  1. skillethelm (17%)
  2. thundercaya (11%)
  3. suavebadass (9%)
  4. hyliari (9%)
  5. rubato (7%)
  6. siterlas (7%)
  7. getoutoftherecat (5%)
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maybe you can make a makeshift one? do you have any thin wire? maybe you can strip the paper off a twist tie to make a needle threader or something??

hahahaha i actually found a needle threader and promptly BROKE IT, because i’m using really thick stuff. it was thick enough to cut in half by hand though, so i did that and got it through the hole :D

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do you have a needle threader? they’re really cheap and they should help

i’ve been looking all over the house for one, but no luck ><

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I’m laughing so hard hahahahaha bUT BEN




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hahahhahahaha why do you guys subject yourself to this

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man i am super lucky i have such talented friends fffffff

like the people closest to me rn are all so amazing wtf

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i mean i don&#8217;t ACTUALLY WATCH adventure time so

i mean i don’t ACTUALLY WATCH adventure time so

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rubato replied to your post: 
*big hugs* :(

<3 ty

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