and i'm with him to the end of the line

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and paco went to hang out with tony and steve who were dating, in those facebook days

forever mad that i missed the window of opportunity to freak out properly with you about steve fucking rogers

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skillethelm replied to your post: imtheembers replied to your photoset “…

do you still have the lube omg

you DON’T?

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imtheembers replied to your photoset “TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY last night my brother took me to a double…”

Happy birthday, Liz! And your hair looks really pretty especially with the gem flower. :)

eeee thank you! it is possibly my most favorite accessory. :’D

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goddammit goddammit

i’ve got that song STUCK IN MY HEAD


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Anonymous asked,
excuse me, maam, have you had your annual heart-depth checkup lately? it's important to stay informed about how deep is your heart, deep inside the darkness.


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i’m looking at a list of every tag i’ve ever used on my tumblr

"rexona" nets me nearly a hundred results

"roxana" is almost two hundred

and some of those tags have 100+ posts attached to them ????

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dwarvenqueen, writeslikethunder, tallteenturtle, & welcomehomecc liked your photoset “TUMBLR I’M DOING THE THING”

writeslikethunder, skillethelm, & wyste liked your photoset “my roots came out ok i think @_@”

skillethelm & kashuan liked your photoset “they’re neARLY DRY C’MON C’MON FUCK I WANNA DO THE REST”

bless u all for liking my silly blonde roots and caring abt my hair adventures ;A;

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; ; noooo friend, hugs
;_; ty bro <3333 /hugs
*hugsssss* :(

<33 ty friend c:

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i think this game is trying to sext me

i think this game is trying to sext me

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NICE GLOVES NERD also you look extremely cute and extremely blurry


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skillethelm asked,

GOD DAMN IT REXONA sdkflgjhsdlfkgjsfg ok ok

1. First impression: omg thIS PERSON EMAILED ME ABOUT A THING I WROTE? oh holy god she’s talented. rly talented whAT IS SHE DOING TALKING TO ME oh my god i actually found the only other person in the universe who ships e/l i am never letting her goooo
2. Truth is: i would not be the same person if i never knew you ;A; i owe a lot of who i am to you. esp all the perverted parts BD
3. How old do you look: 112.
4. Have you ever made me laugh: i p much credit you with teaching me HOW to laugh. like obviously i knew how to laugh when we met but your consistent failure to take anything seriously kind of lightened my entire personality in a time that was a pretty big bummer for me because of crazy ex and HS. YOU’RE JUST SUPER GREAT AAAAHH
5. Have you ever made me mad: hahahaha girl we have known each other too long for us not to have made each other mad
6. Best feature: how EXPRESSIVE you are. both physically and metaphysically. like, you make the greatest faces. never over your XD irl.
7. You’re my: bestest BD buddy
8. Name in my phone: REXONA, LORD OF THE WEST
9. Should you post this too? you goddamn better

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skillethelm asked,
BD Once you get this, you have to say 5 nice things about yourself and send it to 10 of your favorite followers.

god fucking damn it rexona klxdjfghldfjghsldkf Y U DO

i-i’m really not

i don’t

okay fine whatever /mumbles

  1. i’m good with animals, or at least with cats and dogs, i have saved a bunch of kitten lives and once i found a lost dog and walked up and down my whole street to find its owner 
  2. i’m compassionate, i angst whenever i see anyone or anything hurting or hungry and this probably explains why i have so many fucking cats maybe this is actually a character flaw
  3. i’m rather free with my BD;;; affections, i don’t hesitate to let the ppl i love know that i think they’re rad and that i care about them lots (my mom and dad were kind of mad at each other the last time they saw each other and that shit has messed her up, i never want that to be the case with anybody i love in either direction)
  4. i’m not. i’m not the WORST writer in the world?? i write quickly sometimes but they’re not always good words. but i do the first drafts for cambionverse. yes i’m plugging it, i will always fucking plug it.
  5. oh god i’m nice i like cats and i write whAT ELSE IS THERE ok ok ok OH someone once told me i have mermaid hair *A* maybe that is cheating but i do like my hair. it’s long. i mean it’s full of split ends and shit but it’s v long. so. yes.

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liz please

don’t even look at me omfg

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